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Jordi Garcia and Fernando Cerrada are the only athletes to have won this race in the Junior and Senior categories.

Martín Fiz has taken part in 15 editions since 1982.

Athletes from over 30 countries have participated in this cross country championship since its inauguration.

In the first international editions, the athletes received their prizes in kind, (rifles, sewing machines, watches, television sets, etc.).

Mariano Haro and Belén Azpeitia have won the Juan Muguerza International Cross Country Race most times in the men’s and women’s senior categories respectively.

9 Olympic champions have taken part in the race.

Mamo Wolde had to borrow Gipuzkoan athlete Belén Azpetia’s runners at one edition, and ended up winning the race.

Ethiopians won all levels in 1964 while the Kenyans did so in 2001.

In 1981, all participants having already arrived in Elgoibar, the race had to be suspended because of heavy snow. * Athletes from 12 different countries have won in the different categories.

The five-time cross country world champion and bronze medallist in 10,000 metres in the Sydney Olympic Games, PAUL TERGAT, won the 1999 edition.

The great Ethiopian champion Haile Grebreselasie ran during the building works in 1993 and came in second after his Ethiopian master Fita Bayesa.

We were extremely fortunate to be able to watch the six-time cross country world champion Kenenisa Bekele win at the 60th edition. Elgoibar was his first competition in Spain and he was delighted with the welcome he was given.

In 2004 Kenyan Chebbi surprised us with his third win and expressed his wish to equal Mamo Wolde and Mariano Haro and win four editions.

In 1989 the cross country event was won by Antonio Serrano, the last Spanish athlete to win the race.

In 1979 Englishman Mike McLeod came first and, 25 years later, his son Ryan McLeod won in the junior category with the English federation.

Sisters Wude and Hiwot Ayalew won the cross country race in 2012 and 2014 respectively. In 2012, Hiwot came second after her sister.

In 2015 cross-country race two new countries are added as a winners, Eritrea with Teklemarian Medhin and Bahrein with Mimi Belete.