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Juan Muguerza International LXXV Cross rules going to take place in Elgoibar on the 14th of January 2018.


1. Description

The races that will be competed in Mintxeta circuit and the prizes in cash are described in the attached pages.


2. Athletes bent

In all affiliated races, every loss lap athlete will be automatically eliminated, taking out his number and will have to leave the circuit.


3. Inscriptions

It will be mandatory to register to participate in races. Those registered in the Gipuzkoa school sports are considered automatically registered. There will be no differentiation between senior and veteran athletes, so there will be a single classification and prizes, being called absolute category.

These registrations can be made through the Intranet of the RFEA https://isis.rfea.es/sirfea2/ in the section "Territorial Registration" until the day January 10, 2018 inclusive and before 1:00 p.m. The juvenile and infant categories will have to register in mintxeta@mintxeta.com or by fax to 943 748 095 . No registration will be accepted after this date.


4. Collect dorsal

The number delivery will be on Saturday 13 th of January 2018 in the hall of Elgoibar Town Council and on Sunday 14 th , at the entrance of the circuit.

In the youth, junior and absolute categories they will run with the number that the Cross Organizer gives.


5. ID

It is compulsory for athletes of absolute, junior and youth category, to pass by call room.


6. Authorization to enter.

Those who don’t present a number, invitation or credentials, will have to go to the ticket office and pay the fare of 6 € for adults, 4 € for retired people and 2 € for children.


7. Responsibility

The Organization is not responsible for the accidents that may happen in or outside the race.


8. Civility

The fact of participating in this race means the acceptance of these rules.


9. Regulation I.A.A.F.

For everything not reflected in these rules, will be according to I.A.A.F. rules.