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Mintxeta A.T. 2017-11-22
Great myths of the history of athletics will go to the great "Gala Juan Muguerza 75 urte".

Photography: Jabi León.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Cross Juan Muguerza Mintxeta Athletics taldea, the Elgoibar City Council and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa have presented the program of activities that they have organized for the next months.

The Juan Muguerza turns 75 years in full form since in addition to being the oldest cross of the national calendar is currently the best in Euskadi. To celebrate it will have the label IAAF, the highest category to which an event of this kind can aspire and be a reference in the world of athletics. Throughout history, athletes with 456 participated in Elgoibar medals achieved in JJOO, World Championships and European Championships, representing to 46 countries.

What started Elgoibar Sports Club, continued the Egotoki Athletic Society and then Mintxeta Athletics Taldea. In 75 years 3 organizers and thousands of volunteers have contributed work, affection and cordiality to take Elgoibar to the top of the international scene.

To celebrate this important date, Mintxeta Athletics Taldea has promoted a commission that has been working since March and has developed several activities in collaboration with different associations and residents of Elgoibar.

Among the events organized include those who celebrate the weekend that crosses the cross number 75. Thus, that Friday Elgoibar will host great myths of the history of athletics that will attend the great Gala Juan Muguerza 75 urte to be held in the Herriko Antzokia.

Two months before the anniversary, the organization has already confirmed the presence of Mariano Haro, Ana Isabel Alonso, Antonio Serrano, Coro Fuentes, Antonio Prieto, Alejandro Gomez, Martin Fiz, Carmen Valero, Juan Carlos de la Ossa, Mike McLeod. John Ngugi and is working to bring John Brown, Amelia Lorza, Julia Vaquero, Carlos Lopes, Fernanda Ribeiro ...

The gala will serve to thank the people of Elgoibar for making these 75 years possible and a documentary about these 75 years that is being produced in collaboration with ETB.
The group of saxophones from Elgoibarko Musika Eskola will liven up the evening.

That same weekend, on Saturday morning, the protagonist will be the youngest at the children's athletics party to be held in the streets of Elgoibar with the help of Danobat.

The weekend will culminate, as every year, with the reception to the athletes in the town hall and the Cross Juan Muguerza, in its edition number 75. However, the activities go further.

It should be noted that the Gala of the National Association of Cross Organizers (ANOC) will be held in Elgoibar in April.

Among many other planned activities include collaboration with associations and citizens of Elgoibar as the philatelic exhibition organized by Altzolatarren Dorretxea Philately and Numismatika.

The anniversary will also have a book edited with the photographs of Edu Arrillaga in collaboration with the City Council of Elgoibar, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Cometel. There will also be a spot by Jairo Berbel that will be broadcast on social networks.

In addition, several brands have wanted to join the celebration. Aguas Insalus and Bodega Viña Pomal have edited special editions of their bottles with the image of the 75th anniversary.


Friday, January 12:
- Commemorative Gala: we will have the assistance of significant national and international athletes in the history of cross. Institutions, representatives of federation agencies, sponsors and all the people of Elgoibar will be invited.
- A documentary of the cross made by ETB will be broadcast.
- Performance of the group of saxophones of the music school of Elgoibar.

Saturday, January 13:
- In the morning, tests of children's athletics for children of Elgoibar.
- Official reception at City Hall.

Sunday, January 14:
- LXXV edition of the cross.

It has also been prepared:
- Edition and collaboration of the book by Eduardo Arrillaga that will be presented at the beginning of January.
- Photographic exhibition.
- Insalus water with commemorative label.
- Bodegas Viña Pomal commemorative label.
- Spot made by Jairo Berbel and today we made the pre-release. - Exhibition of stamps by the philately group.
- In the month of April, the Gala of the National Association of Cross Organizers (ANOC) will be held in Elgoibar.